HAN SOLO: From Rags to Riches

Han Solo, found by a Good Samaritan, was running near a road with a chain wrapped around his neck. He was very underweight (20 pounds), full of cuts, with fly larvae on his ears and was terrified.

The San Diego Humane Society took him in and put him on a new path to a second chance. When my husband Ryan and I met Han, we saw a dog who felt defeated but just wanted to be loved and have a family. So the next day we adopted Han and gave him his freedom ride to a new life.

It took a lot of patience to help Han feel safe. He didn’t want to eat and would run with his tail tucked between his legs at the slightest sound. We knew we had to be kind and take things at his pace. Our love was new.

Once Han Solo opened up to us, his true personality came out. He is a goofy, outgoing, wiggle butt who loves cuddles and treats.

He had no idea what to do with toys until he met a neighbor pup who taught him how to be a dog. A French Bulldog named Jack showed him how to play and be a puppy.

Those two are best buds and have many adventures and fun together. Han has a very calm and relaxed personality, and we take him everywhere we go. He was once afraid of people and now wants to say hello to everyone he meets.

He loves truck rides and has traveled with us to 18 states, seen a few National Parks, swam in the Pacific Ocean and has visited many breweries and wineries.

People say he is a lucky one, but I truly think we are the lucky ones to have Han Solo in our lives.

Article & Photo Courtesy of Erin Gagnon