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The 4H Dog Project

BY PAMELA STACE, FREELANCER When we think about 4-H, what usually comes to mind are images of kids raising and showing farm animals. Yes, that is part of it, but 4-H is so much more! Today’s 4-H is a comprehensive, hands-on, educational program for rural, suburban and urban youth in every state. According to their […]

Water Hazards, Preventions & Treatments

BY EMILY HESSE, FREELANCER Year after year, animals of all kinds are being transported to veterinary clinics to deal with nightmare situations that leave pet owners scratching their heads. Sometimes, nothing is more troublesome or frustrating than when our canine friends get a little mischievous and curious and end up getting themselves into unhealthy situations. […]

Southeastern Wisconsin’s Natural Water Park for Dogs

BY EMILY HESSE, FREELANCER It’s finally summertime in Wisconsin. Homeowners are busy cranking up the A/C and fulfilling plans to work in their gardens. Parents are running around trying to get their kids to summer camps, and families are loading up the old caravan to embark on their family vacations. But let’s not forget about […]

Brittany: Small Players with Big Hearts

BY CHERESE COBB, FREELANCER Sportsmen on both sides of the Atlantic cherish the conveniently sized and agile Brittany as an all-purpose hunting partner and a dog sport teammate. The only thing that makes a Brittany happier than the smelly, great, smelly, wonderful, smelly, outdoors (Did we say smelly?) is staying velcroed to their owners. History […]

Why is My Dog Drinking so much Water?

BY KERRI WIEDMEYER, DVM, WVRC There are many factors that determine how much water a dog drinks in a given day, but if you notice that your dog is drinking bowl after bowl, there may be a cause that warrants investigation. Thirst is regulated by several different components in the body including blood vessel volume, […]

Is Swimming Good for Your Dog?

BY MEGAN TREMELLING, DVM, LVS Warm weather is back, and dogs all around Wisconsin agree that the best possible way to enjoy it is to go for a swim in our nearly one million acres of fresh water. If you work in a veterinary clinic, you know when the time has come by the aroma […]

Taking a Day Trip

By LAUREN NELSON Whether it’s a day trip to a dog-friendly state park or a weekend away at a disc dog competition, preparation is key. But where does one start to prepare when a simple Google search can deliver an abundance of overwhelming recommendations? Easy. Start here! Before any shopping begins, make an appointment to […]