Art of Survival

Dear FETCH Friends,

Do you ever wonder where survival instincts come from? We’ve spent the last year watching people around us battling emotionally and physically with trying to protect themselves from a virus. Masks are being worn almost all of the time. Sanitizer is as readily available as water. Businesses have limited their patronage or are shut down to prevent the spread. Friends and family have been isolating themselves from one another, canceling events, missing birthdays, postponing funerals, and just simply trying to stay protected.

Our pets have stepped in where others have left off. They have seen us through the darkest of days and still they lay by our side day after day. No amount of sickness can change that. They have survival instincts similar to ours. They retreat when they are ill or scared. However, as we are now spending more time at home, we are realizing that our livelihood and happiness is greatly influenced by them. Our days revolve around one another. So why do we choose to isolate from the friends and family that we need most? Fear?

To remain alive is the definition of surviving. At what cost do you choose to self-preserve?

I know that I can’t go a day without knowing if my kids (or my dog) are okay. And as I survive each day, I am faced with a feeling of joy and sadness. This issue is not only about dogs surviving bad situations. It is about us surviving because of them.

It’s Time To Do More Than Just Survive.

Here’s To Letting Go Of Fear in 2021,