Be Victorious!

Dear FETCH Friends,

Sadly, winter is upon us. This means dark, cold days followed by even darker and colder nights. And now, with a novel virus still at large, more time in solitary. I have very little desire to remain in my home for the next 3 months praying for a vaccine, checking my kids for fevers, talking to family members on the phone or via the Internet, but what is the alternative? Finding peace in what makes you happy and giving thanks will undoubtedly get you through what may be a very dark time in your life. Unite with your neighbors, find joy at home with your kids and/or your animals, keep trying to be a good person and help those you can.

Death is all around us. This year has revealed to us the delicacy of life that we often try to forget about. If you have lost someone this year, there is nothing that can help ease the pain you feel. It’s time to make peace with what you can and focus on what you wish to change in 2021. Dog is God spelled backwards for a reason. If you feel a calling to help animals, maybe 2021 is the year to make a move. Unlike the crosses we bear as part of humanity, these innocent creatures can only thrive (or wither) with help from us.

Checklist for 2020-2021:
Start a rescue.
Volunteer for a rescue.
Bring an animal that needs you into your home.
Donate some of your resources to a rescue.
Train your dog to be a dog ambassador.
Don’t breed your dog. Spay/neuter your dog.
Don’t leave children unattended with the dog or allow them to treat the dog as a toy.
Teach children how to love and respect dogs.
Give gifts that support humane treatment and unity.
Don’t give gifts at all; instead give your time to an animal in need.
Be a good pet parent.
Don’t leave your dog in a cold car or unsafe situation.
Make sure your dog doesn’t have access to something that may poison them.
Stock up on food and medicines for your dog in case of an emergency.
Create art that supports a humane mission. Write a book, invent something…the sky is the limit.

Here’s to a humane end to 2020
and to a victorious 2021,

N. Putz