My Three Wishes!

This year has been rough. I’ve been keeping my family and myself in a bubble of fear. Can you relate? Not only are most of us still afraid of catching this deadly virus, but also a lot of us have small businesses that are suffering from the previous Stay-at-Home order. As each day goes by, I try to force myself to stay present. It seems to be the safest place to be right now…at least for my own sanity. The future has way too much uncertainty and the past is over—so there’s no changing that. I’ve decided that I need to reexamine what’s important to me today. I need to make three wishes for the rest of this year, and make them come true. Wish Number One: Become and remain healthy. I don’t know about all of you…but I’ve definitely been packing on the pandemic pounds. Besides the coronavirus, killer hornets, 5G, protests and riots, my personal kryptonite and comfort food in 2020 has become cake…I LOVE CAKE! My body, however, is not a big fan of cake…or exercising…but you’ve got to start somewhere. Wish Number Two: Try to smile more and be happy. I hate Facebook with a passion. On one side, you have all of those happy family photos and vacations which look so amazing…so my brain goes…why can’t I have that? STOP. Pictures are so deceiving. Appreciate what you have right now. Other people’s lives aren’t always greener. Take, for instance, the complete opposite side of this like all the depressing posts and articles about death and suffering. Sometimes you need to tune it out and turn it all off. Adding more anxiety into my day isn’t helping me accomplish wish one or two. Wish Number Three: This one is my favorite wish of all: Do something great. It’s pretty broad, but I feel the need to do or be a part of something great. It could be simply helping out my fellow neighbor or taking on a cause that requires immense time and commitment. I must do something that is out of my comfort zone, something that will change and reflect who I am meant to be in the future.

What are your three wishes for the rest of this year?
Let’s try to manifest a better 2020 together.

May All Of Your Fears Disappear & May All Of Your Wishes Come True,