My Heart Aches For You

Dear FETCH Friends,

T his is by far the hardest piece I have written. My heart hurts beyond measure. On April 16, 2021, I made the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make. I chose to let my best friend go. I still struggle with knowing if I made the right decision for her. She was and is my heart dog. I’ve had two thus far in my life, but this one was the hardest to let go. For months I’ve been in a very dark place filled with guilt, sadness, anger and disgust. I had the most vague vets at the time I made my decision, and when you are in grief, you aren’t thinking right. You need the right person to help you through a very difficult time, and if that person isn’t present, a nightmare can occur. Sometimes vets misdiagnose them; sometimes they overlook issues because they are too busy, and with Covid it has become even harder to see a vet when you need one. And you need a good one! I have learned that you should always get a second and third opinion before letting someone you love go. But at the time, you feel you are making the best decision with the information you have, right?

Every single moment, I wish I could take back the decision I made for Sophy, but I can’t. I just pray. That she didn’t suffer. That she would forgive me for saying goodbye. That she wanted to go before it got too bad for her. My heart is broken, and nothing fills this void. This issue is dedicated to her. And also to all of the dogs YOU have lost along the way. This is the “Heart Dog” Issue. This is the issue where people are encouraged to pour their hearts out about their soul mates, to grieve their loss, to celebrate their dogs’ lives and so much more.

I hope you find something in here that touches your heart and soul the way Sophy did mine.

Here’s To You Sophy…I love and miss you more than you will ever know,