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This past winter, I took a huge leap out of my comfort zone, and I left my two kids home with their respite therapist while my husband and I spent a week in Sedona, Arizona. It was an experience. And a cold one at that. But every experience teaches us something about ourselves that perhaps […]

Peek Inside Sip & Purr, Milwaukee’s First Cat Cafe

BY CHERESE COBB, FREELANCER If your plugged-in, constantly on-the-go lifestyle has you on the fritz, or you’re cuddle-deprived because of your rental rules, fur-lergic partner or nomadic nature, Milwaukee’s first cat cafe, Sip & Purr, can fill that kitty hole in your soul. Nestled by Black Cat Alley on Milwaukee’s East Side (2021 E. Ivanhoe […]

Lakeland Terriers: Marching to the Beat of Their Own Drum

By PAMELA STACE Katerina, or Kate, our cover dog, shares her name with Shakespeare’s famous heroine Katerina from “The Taming of the Shrew.” It seems that both Kates share a number of qualities including stubbornness, intelligence, independence, loyalty and devotion. Like Shakespeare’s Kate, Lakelands, “Lakies” or “Laplanders” do what they want to do and can […]

HAN SOLO: From Rags to Riches

Han Solo, found by a Good Samaritan, was running near a road with a chain wrapped around his neck. He was very underweight (20 pounds), full of cuts, with fly larvae on his ears and was terrified. The San Diego Humane Society took him in and put him on a new path to a second […]

Don’t Judge A Dog By Its Breed

By CHERESE COBB If you’re a dog owner, you probably know that you shouldn’t judge a dog by its breed. But if you’re new to the world of dogs, there’s a huge misconception that every dog breed perfectly matches its standard and profile. Even if your friend’s Chihuahua acts like a wind-up toy, your neighbor’s […]

Shelties: Multi-Talented Little Dogs

By PAMELA STACE They look like miniature Collies, but the Shetland Sheepdog or Sheltie is a completely separate breed developed to herd sheep, poultry and ponies in the rugged terrain of the Shetland Islands between Scotland and Norway. Like Shetland Ponies and Shetland Sheep, these dogs were bred to be compact so that they would […]


By MEGAN TREMELLING Nobody wants fleas and ticks on their dog. Even people who don’t like spending a lot extra on caring for their dogs don’t want those parasites getting into their homes and biting the humans. Therefore, valuing your dogs’ health and comfort and preventing external parasites is an important part of their overall […]