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Making Your Dog Feel At Home In The Hospital

By MEGAN TREMELLING, DVM, LVS To some people, leaving your dog at the veterinary hospital for any reason sounds harsh, like leaving a child at one of those ghastly orphanages in Dickens books. There’s no doubt that most dogs would rather be in their own homes, but we do our best to make them feel […]

Animals: Our Healing Partners

By STACY KRAFCZYK We’ve already established that animals are sentient beings. They see and know everything that’s going on in our lives, from our emotional instability to the energetic chaos from the home or work environment to disruptions in our schedules. Everything that affects us affects them. More and more people are consciously becoming aware […]


Home is Where the Heart is…

Dear FETCH Friends: Feeling helpless and in a constant panic is how I would describe being “homeless.” And not just in the tangible sense of the word but rather the notion of not having a family. As I sit here writing this, both my kids are sick and my dad is in the ICU dying […]

Top 5 Dog Subscriptions

By CHERESE COBB Don’t hog all the mail wealth: treat your pooch to one of these five subscription boxes. Stuffed with mouth-watering treats, cuddly plush toys and adjustable accessories, they’re gifts that keep on giving—in licks, cuddles and tail wags. 1. BarkBox Cost: $29 per month Shipping: Free to the United States and Canada Coupon: […]

IVDD: Do You Know This Disease?

By MARYSSA BECKMAN, DVM, MECA The alluring cuteness of Dachshunds and Corgis most likely stems from their disproportionate body composition: long bodies, tiny legs! While absolutely adorable, their layout does not come without added risks. Their tiny spines carry a lot of joint stress that predisposes them to a condition called intervertebral disc disease (IVDD). […]

Are Muzzles A Necessary Tool?

By MEGAN TREMELLING, DVM, LVS Like most veterinarians, I genuinely love animals, but the sad fact is that not all of my patients love me back. For every pet that greets me with a wagging tail and happy kisses, I get at least one who gives me side-eye and a stony expression. I can’t blame […]

Whole-istic Healing

By STACY KRAFCZYK Animals are like us in so many ways that sometimes we forget or don’t realize that what we do for ourselves we can also do for them. For instance your dog may benefit from the following: massages, chiropractic, acupuncture, crystals, hydrotherapy, laser therapy, Reiki and more. Animal communication is a great “tool” […]


Love & Support

Dear FETCH Friends: Since my kids were born, I have been told that they will be alright as long as they are loved! And as a mom of two kids with autism spectrum disorder, my automatic response inside my head is, “yeah right.” It takes so much more than just loving them to help them […]