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Renato: The Day He Became A Dog

On June 10, 2011, 25 dogs were seized in Milwaukee’s largest dog fighting bust to date. One of the dogs, “Renato” – the Latin word for rebirth, is believed to have been used as a breeding dog. He spent 22 months at MADACC on hold as evidence for the criminal trial. During that time he […]


Healing Audree

Audree loves kisses. In fact, there is nothing the 4-year-old English Bulldog/Pitbull Mix seems to enjoy more than cozying up to one of her favorite humans: Jessie Neassen. As a volunteer for Milwaukee-based 501c3 nonprofit animal rescue organization Canine Cupids, Neassen provides care and love to the area’s most neglected and abused dogs as a […]

A Sammy’s Smile Is Worth 1000 Words

By JESSICA PAIRRETT, Freelancer A permanent smile outlines the Samoyed’s face, matching its happy, warm personality. But don’t let this gorgeous dog fool you: he’s not just a pretty face. In fact, the Sammy or Sam, as the breed is known among fans, is a highly functional, hardy dog. History The Samoyed takes his name […]

English Bulldogs: Your Favorite Couch Potatoes

By SHANNON VENEGAS, Freelancer He’ll jump on the couch, curl up next to your lap and wait for the movie to start. Then during the previews, he’ll probably look up at you with one paw resting on your leg and ask, “Where’s the popcorn?” This is typical behavior from English Bulldogs. They’re people-oriented couch potatoes […]

Vizslas: Masters of Versatility

By NASTASSIA PUTZ, Freelancer Nearly facing extinction during World War II due to thousands of Hungarians fleeing their homeland and leaving their dogs behind, Vizslas have survived and flourished. It is thanks to those few individuals that took their dogs with them during wartime. Today, the Vizsla is a well-recognized breed, noted for hunting and […]