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Q & A with My Organic Hound’s Founder Karen Eckert

CBD: It may not be water, but it could just be the next best thing for your body… As a professional pet sitter and business owner, Karen Eckert, founder of My Organic Hound, has been exploring the world of cannabidiol (CBD) products and their effects on pets. She is now so passionate about using them […]

Editor’s Paw

This past winter, I took a huge leap out of my comfort zone, and I left my two kids home with their respite therapist while my husband and I spent a week in Sedona, Arizona. It was an experience. And a cold one at that. But every experience teaches us something about ourselves that perhaps […]

HAN SOLO: From Rags to Riches

Han Solo, found by a Good Samaritan, was running near a road with a chain wrapped around his neck. He was very underweight (20 pounds), full of cuts, with fly larvae on his ears and was terrified. The San Diego Humane Society took him in and put him on a new path to a second […]

Be Ready. Be Aware. Be Smart.

Dear FETCH Friends: When I hear the words pride & prejudice, I automatically think of the romance novel by Jane Austen, and I start to question how can this relate to dogs? But if you think of those two words as a lens (not just as part of a well-known book), your mind will start […]

10 WARNING Signs of Cancer in Your Pet

Did you know that 12 million cats and dogs are diagnosed with cancer every year? With new advancements in veterinary medicine, veterinarians can now diagnose and treat cancer with greater success. There are even veterinary cancer specialists who can provide expert cancer care to your pet. Early detection is crucial when it comes to cancer. […]

Editor’s Paw

Dear FETCH Friends: History has never sparked a sense of wonder in me until lately. Over the last month or so, I have binge-watched every season/episode of “Reign” on Netflix (not to be funny), and I’ve become extremely attached to the characters, the plot and often find myself daydreaming of what it would have been […]

ALL SPIRIT HEELING: Patience is a Virtue (the old adage)

BY STACY KRAFCZYK From over 15 years of animal communication/therapy sessions, dogs often request patience from their owners. The following is a description of areas in which dogs would love for us to have more patience. Exercise “Let me be a dog,” they’ll say. “Please tell my human that it’s ok to be a dog […]

ALL SPIRIT HEELING: Animals & Reincarnation

By STACY KRAFCZYK I was raised with non-denominational beliefs, and I really didn’t have an understanding of reincarnation growing up. It wasn’t until I started this career path as an animal communicator that I started to see that many animals were returning to their humans but in different forms. Please don’t feel obligated to believe […]

Q & A with Britney Kruesel

Who is the woman behind Lost & Hound? Britney Kruesel is the girl behind Lost & Hound! I have two dogs, Bella, a 3lb Chihuahua and Milo, an always hungry Beagle. Aside from helping other rescue dogs, my dogs were truly the inspiration behind the brand. I work full time for the Wisconsin Humane Society […]