ALL SPIRIT HEELING: Animals & Reincarnation


I was raised with non-denominational beliefs, and I really didn’t have an understanding of reincarnation growing up. It wasn’t until I started this career path as an animal communicator that I started to see that many animals were returning to their humans but in different forms.

Please don’t feel obligated to believe in reincarnation. But I ask that while reading this you keep an open mind. It may resonate with you or even validate something you have felt before. Sometimes just passing the information on to another can be the purpose you read this as it may resonate with another.

So let’s define reincarnation. Reincarnation is when an animal’s soul returns back to the earth but in a different body in order to continue their soul’s growth and journey. The soul goes from body to body learning different lessons and helping others. My own experience is that the soul may come back as a male or female, same breed or different breed or different species altogether. It does not have to be the same gender, but the animal may chose to come back as the same gender. Each reincarnation experience is unique in its own way.

Some clients are completely open to the idea of having an animal companion possibly return to them at a different time. Some clients request in sessions that they would like their animal to return, and some don’t believe in reincarnation at all. If I receive a message from their fur baby that they’re coming back, I just ask their humans to be open to the possibility. What is the harm of being open to the idea that your beloved animal may want to reunite with you again?

Other animals may have had a tough life in their physical body and may choose to be of assistance from the spirit plane. A rare few have said they were coming back to their humans but then sent a new animal soul to aid in the healing process—either resolving an old issue or helping the new animals soul grow and prosper. Penelope Smith, the founder and “grandmother” of animal communication, wrote an amazing book all about animals and reincarnation called “Animals in Spirit.” This is a great place to start.

A wonderful client from Minnesota lost her 13-year-old dog and dear friend. Prior to passing, the dog said he would return to her in a rescue but didn’t say when. She let that thought go because she didn’t necessarily believe in reincarnation either but loved her dog and did want him to come back. One day she felt drawn to go online to look at her local shelter for a dog. A rescue with similar colors as her previous pooch drew her in, but it was his eyes that spoke to her. She knew right away she had to go see him. She called the shelter and said to “hold that dog” and drove there. When she arrived at the shelter, a worker brought in the dog and he came running to her, knocking her over and kissing her face like her absent dog used to.

The kicker of the story is that her parents noticed the resemblance of the dog’s behavior to the previous dog as well. They started to call the new dog “bizarro dog” because he would sleep where the old dog slept, even though the old dog bed was no longer there. Eventually they did put a new one there because the dog wouldn’t lay anywhere else. The dog also started following the dad down the driveway when he left for work, which the old dog did too.

Another client’s dog came back very quickly in the form of a male puppy (instead of a female). The client blew off the dog’s message when it came through at first. The new pup had the exact same characteristics of the previous dog, same mannerisms, never had any potty accidents and was way too smart to know so much already at such a young age. The owner eventually admitted that she finally “knew” it was her previous pooch with tears in her eyes and crackling in her voice.

Other animals have come through of whom I have never met with very powerful validations of their previous lives such as quirky behaviors they used to do, what their humans did with their silky, soft ears and what it was like in their previous canine body.

It still continues to blow my mind after all these years of animal communication sessions. The stories and affirmations are so profound. There are so many beautiful stories to share. Keep in mind that an animal’s love remains the same even if they chose not to return. Be open to the idea that your beloved pup wants to return. And perhaps this is the validation you needed to confirm to you that one of your dogs was once a previous pup you had before. There’s no harm in an animal reincarnating. There’s only love. Only the love between a dog and their human.

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  1. Teri Klawitter says:

    I have met with Stacy on a few occasions, when she traveled to Madison, Wi to offer her assistance in communication with my pets, both alive and deceased. Also other relatives from the other side as well. She has been spot on every time, and all have been rewarding to me, even though very emotional. I will always appreciated her talent, as well as her desire to help both humans and their companions. I long to meet with her again, and take some of her classes. While I no longer have my own pets, I feel privileged to help others with their companions,feeling blessed to be able to combine my passions for paper crafting and pet fundraising for animals in need.

  2. Roxanne LeBlond says:

    I have experienced a return of a Pet in another gender, but he made it SO OBVIOUS he was not letting me leave without him.. well here’s the story. I’m disabled and connect with my fur babies on a level that we seem to talk. My Abby was having horrible seizures and meds were no longer helping. I was scheduled for major surgery so she and I talked and we decided she couldn’t go thru these any more and I went with her and held her as she went on to run free. After 6-weeks in a wheelchair any many months of therapy and injections I was finally in a boot. Abby and I talked about my needing her to come back to me, I couldn’t do it without her. On my way to dinner with a friend a HUGE sign read puppies $50. Okay let’s stop! They were everywhere and out of control lol!! And my friend said look down and one puppy was riding on my ortho boot. I was oh.. it’s a male I think I want a female and put him back. After the third time he was looking up at me… and those were mommy’s eyes (Abby’s) nickname. She was back!!! With a few extra parts! When I got home the crazy continued. He sat by the couch and cried.. right where she laid the entire last day before we said good bye. I put him up in that spot … he let out a long sigh like I’m back and fell asleep. I hadn’t removed her bell by the door so when he woke up, he went right to the door and jumped.. more like fell trying to ring the potty bell! I was speechless but I already knew she was back! The list of confirmations go on and on. Marley’s been gone 10-months May 2 2019 and I’m praying he returns to me. We had the same talk. I still see his face. He was so special we were together 24/7.. for now I wait. I know I’ll be where he is if and when he comes. I was the first time and I will be again. If it isn’t meant to be I know he’ll send me who I need ??? I just needed to share how amazing it can be ???

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