FETCH Full Page Ad (Available pages may vary)

Includes 1 premium ad valued at $60 or you can upgrade to a premium plus ad
block for an additional $50



  • New advertisers receive a 10% off discount on their first issue.
  • Rescues always receive a 20% off discount.
  • Listings are included with every print ad! See above.
  • NEW! Full & half-page ads now include hotlink on our website!

Deadlines for Print Ad Orders: We offer design services if you need assistance creating your print ad or updating a print ad.

We will work with you to understand your needs, provide you with an honest estimate of the work & deliver design options for you to choose from. Design services are priced at $15/hour.

We understand that loving your ad & expressing your brand is a very important part of your business. We aim to please!